I was riding my motorcycle to work one morning behind several cars that were following a slow moving truck up a hill.

I was accelerating and decelerating often, as were all of the cars in front of me, behind that truck.

I happened to notice a teenage girl sitting in the back seat in the car in front of me. She kept turning her head around to look at me.

Then all of a sudden the car slammed on it's brakes. Not only did the driver slam on the brakes, but (she) turned the wheels of the car toward the  middle double-lines in the road, forcing me into oncoming traffic. I had to quickly down shift and gun it, to pass the car and avoid getting hit head-on by oncoming traffic. When I pulled in front of her car, there was no apparent reason why she slammed on the brakes. The slow moving truck and cars following it, were now much further away going up the hill. I decided to slow down and stop my bike, forcing her car to eventually slow to a stop. I then backed my bike back down and along side of her car door. I yelled at the driver asking why she slammed on her brakes, forcing me into on-coming traffic. I also yelled that I could have been killed because of her actions. She was yelling back at me that I was following too close and that I got what I deserved. I then told her to pull ahead so I could see her license plate number, and that I would be notifying the police of her behavior and actions. She would not pull forward and as I backed my bike up some more, she  put her car in to reverse, so I could not see her license plate. Luckily cars behind us started honking their horns, so she bolted forward and away up the hill. I called the police when I arrived at work and described what happened and gave them the license plate number. They told me they would report my complaint and for me to stop on the way home from work to discuss it, which I did, but the Lieutenant was not in when I arrived. I would need to speak to the Lieutenant about the incident. I called them back a while later and spoke with the Lieutenant, who was very defensive of the woman driver, whom I claimed gave me a brake test for no good reason. She (the Lieutenant) said that the women claimed I was following too close. I  could see I wasn't getting anywhere with the (woman) Lieutenant. I then said 'now hold on a minute. Let's back up here and start this conversation over. You need to be aware of one very important thing; and that is, I had no idea who was driving the car, be it a man, or a woman'. I told her everyone had to have been frustrated following so slowly behind the truck, but that was no excuse for anyone, man or woman to slam on their brakes.  The Lieutenant then changed her tone with me and explained, that in fact she did have a serious talk to the woman driver. She told her that you can't slam on your brakes just because you think the vehicle behind you is following too close and that all she really had to do was pull over to the right and let the vehicle pass. She also said to the woman 'what if the motorcyclist had a gun, and decided to use it'. Well I didn't see that coming, but I guess she is right, what with road rage the way it is out there. Anyway, I thanked the Lieutenant for allowing me to clear the incident details up with her, and the way she finally admitted to lecturing the woman about her in-appropriate brake-testing behavior.