U have 2 be kidding.com

This site is being designed for you to share true life short stories, be they funny, tragic, inspirational, supernatural, or unbelievable etc.

Profanity and sexually explicit stories are prohibited, as are stories of violent or criminal acts against persons, animals or property.
 Last names, Business/Manufacturer names, phone numbers, and street addresses are not allowed. 

True stories only, please! But you may embellish if you wish.

My wife often says she needs to write a book about my life of mishaps.
I have started this site with some of them.

Submit your stories via blog link below:


Here are some story categories I would like to post on this site:

'Medical Treatment Nightmares'   'Close Calls'    'Stories of Heroism or Courage'  

'Ghostly encounters'    'It's a small world'   'Inspirational Stories'  

'Learning from my mistakes'    'I must have a Guardian Angel'  

'Lucky to be Alive'    'Unbelievable, but totally True'

New 9/22/08 'Everyday Heroes, However Large or Small'

'I was a victim of Road Rage'

'Unbelievable demands from my employer'

'The dearly departed, do... watch over us'

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This site began it's own story on 5/17/2008

A nuclear device being detonated in the upper atmosphere above the United States by say Iran or North Korea, 
would release a highly destructive EMP - Electro Magnetic Pulse,
which could permanently destroy many if not all, electronic devices, including your automobiles computer chip,
 and would effect the entire country.

See these links for more information to protect yourself and our nation:
[ShieldAmerica.org] [Build a Faraday container for your electronic equipment]

Employers force employees to train their replacements, then they will be terminated. Has it happened to you?

 You never know when your guardian angel will be there for you


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short stories, close calls, ghost stories, medical mishaps, personal stories, share your story, true stories, inspirational stories

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